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Congratulations and Summer Training

by Charlie Solan, 2010-06-09T06:49:07.000-07:00June 09 2010, at 06:49 AM PDT

Quick word to say that I hope all the exams went well and to say congrats to Pat Maguire on his graduation last week.
There is still training going on over the summer. It is taking place on Mondays and Wednesdays at 5pm as per usual. There is also training going on most lunch times from around 12.30pm onwards. If you are interested just send me an ... [more]
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Exams and Training for the Summer

2010-04-30 03:46 PDT by Charlie Solan (10 Comments)

First of all, just want to wish everybody the best of luck with the exams. Now to ... [more]

training continues through the mid-term

2010-03-06 10:14 PST by Joe Walsh (0 Comments)

I will be around to open the gym at the usual training times on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and from 12-2 on Tuesdays and Thursdays for the ... [more]


2010-03-05 10:40 PST by Charlie Solan (0 Comments)

The intervarsity seniors will be taking place this weekend in Driminagh Boxing Club.

Next Year's Committee

2010-02-27 12:16 PST by Joe Walsh (0 Comments)

There will be a meeting at 8pm this Wednesday, 3rd March, for everyone who wants to be part of next year’s committee. The pro... [more]

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2010-12-01T07:05:22.000-08:00December 01 2010, at 07:05 AM PST, natalie sheridan said:

Hi everyone, just to let you know training next week is on Monday,Wednesday and Friday only!

2010-11-17T13:05:52.000-08:00November 17 2010, at 01:05 PM PST, natalie sheridan said:

Every member of the boxing club must go to the astra hall tomorrow at 5.00pm to assist with setting up the ring. All club members old and new are expected to attend

2010-10-22T05:29:21.000-07:00October 22 2010, at 05:29 AM PDT, natalie sheridan said:

To all members, Your membership fee 10Euro must be paid so we can finalise the members list. As Monday is a bank holiday there will be no training so anyone who has not paid can you please pay on Tuesday when training resumes. Joe will be there so you can give your info and membership money to him. I'll be down tonight, next Wednesday and Friday so contact either myself or joe. You can email us your details. The information we need is (Name,d.o.b., student number, contact email and phone number, your weight in kg and if you are experienced or not)Enjoy your weekend and see you all next week.

2010-10-19T09:14:03.000-07:00October 19 2010, at 09:14 AM PDT, natalie sheridan said:

Can all club members old and new please make sure they have paid their 10Euro membership fee. I'll be down tomorrow at 7.30 and Friday at 7.00 so I can take your details, we need to get everyone registered. For new members who train on Tuesday and Thursdays can you talk to the trainer about who to pay membership too or just call down to me on the Mon, Wed or Fri and I can do it then. Also if you need wraps Elverys sports supply them as well as gum shields. You need wraps for doing bag work and pads even if you are not sparing. For people who want to spar you must have both your wraps and gum shield with you at every training session.

2010-09-12T05:16:12.000-07:00September 12 2010, at 05:16 AM PDT, Joe Walsh said:

Will anyone who wants to be involved in the club's stand on Fresher's Week running from 9am Monday 20th September to 5.30pm Thursday 23rd September, please send me an email with the hours you are available and I'll make a timetable and post it on here.

My email is

2010-08-12T05:24:51.000-07:00August 12 2010, at 05:24 AM PDT, natalie sheridan said:

Hi everyone, hope you are all enjoying your summer. A small group of us have been training over the summer and will continue to train until the official training starts back in September. The training times are Monday 5-7, Wednesday 5-7, and also Friday for anyone who wishes to train. There is no offical time for the Friday training but usually people who come to training on the Wednesday decide between them a time that suits for the Friday training.

2010-08-08T04:16:45.000-07:00August 08 2010, at 04:16 AM PDT, Daniel Tobin said:

Hi Charlie,
Is there training on this coming monday.Im hoping to get back into it.

2010-03-14T16:22:10.000-07:00March 14 2010, at 04:22 PM PDT, Charlie Solan said:

Hi Simon,
The UCD Boxing Club is open to all students, graduates and members of staff of UCD.
We train Monday and Wednesday 5-7 PM and Friday 7-9 PM.
If you are not a student or graduate, I'd recommend you try the clubs in Terenure (Mount Tallant), Monkstown, or Drimnagh.